Ways to Make the Last Day of the Show Productive

Trade shows and exhibitions serve as integral components of a company’s marketing strategy. They present a unique opportunity to exhibit products or services, foster new business prospects, and consolidate existing client relationships. However, the potential for productivity on the event’s final day is often underutilised. Here are effective strategies to ensure maximum productivity that would generate results on this invaluable timeframe:

Review and Optimise Marketing Activities

Conduct a comprehensive review of pre-show and in-show marketing endeavours. This in-depth assessment will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of strategies, which helps with fine-tuning marketing strategies for future events. Identify what strategies generated leads if exhibiting in B2B expos, or sales in B2C expos. Reuse or fine tune effective strategies, and scrap ineffective strategies.

Strategically Plan for Upcoming Shows

Use the knowledge and experiences gained during the current event to meticulously prepare for future shows. This includes setting clear company objectives like:

  • Managing your target audience
  • Allocating resources
  • Creating comprehensive timelines
  • Budgeting effectively
  • Assembling the right team.

Strengthen Customer and Partner Relations

The final day of a trade show offers an excellent opportunity to reinforce relationships with existing customers. It’s also an ideal moment to engage with potential clients and create new leads.

  • Personal Interaction/ Networking:

    Take the time to engage more in conversation, focus more on asking for customer feedback, and thank them for their continued support.

  • Deploy Additional Staff on the Last Day:

    This should be a strategic decision that must be considered carefully based on circumstances and the goals of management. Additional staff engages more attendees and can capture more leads. Their assistance elevates customer service and boosts upselling for last-minute buyers. They can also help manage the influx of last-day visitors effectively.

  • Last Day Exclusive Offers:
    Consider offering special discounts, exclusive products, or freebies. Make sure not to offer products at a loss. Maximise leads as well. Have a system ready to gather customer info of those availing this promo.
  • Customer Appreciation In-Stand Events:

    If feasible, organise small customer appreciation events at your booth. This could be anything from a product demonstration to a meet-and-greet with company executives and/ or product endorsers.

  • Focus on Expanding Your Business Network:

    Trade shows are exceptional platforms for networking. The last day is a prime opportunity to establish new business contacts that may pave the way for future collaborations or partnerships. Besides from attendees, also engage with other exhibitors in the expo who could be perfect collaborators in the future, specifically those who do not compete with your brand. Either drop by their stand, or invite them to drop by yours.

Drive On-Site Sales

This is specifically for businesses engaged in a B2C business model. Leverage the closing day to boost on-site sales. Not only will this increase revenue, but it will also enable you to engage directly with customers, providing insights and forging connections. As mentioned earlier, offering special discounts is an option. Have your finance team plot ideal sale prices to avoid selling products at a loss.

Closing Strong

Remember, it’s never too early to begin planning for future events. The more time you invest in preparation, the better equipped you’ll be to ensure a highly successful and productive event.

The last day of a trade show should not be regarded as a winding-down period. With careful planning and well-executed strategies, it can be just as productive and impactful as the opening days, ensuring that every moment of the event contributes to your business growth and success.

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