The Benefits Of Buying Or Renting An Exhibition Stand

Have you ever wondered: Should I buy or should I rent? Buying an exhibition stand can be a big decision. I have prepared an exclusive go-to-guide outlining the benefits of renting versus buying a stand.

Here is an eye-opener for you. Did you know that it’s estimated that ongoing repair of an owned stand after each exhibition can total up to 20% of the total value of the stand?

There are upsides and downsides of each option, it’s important to know relative benefits of each option so that you can make the decision that best meets your marketing and organisational goals.

We have carefully prepared a go-to guide outlining the benefits of renting versus buying exhibition stand.

Buying An Exhibition Stand:

Ideal For Unified Presence At Events: It’s more cost effective to buy an exhibition stand if you have a similar floor plan from show to show, have a regular show calendar/sponsorship locked in for the next few years and you’re happy to have the exact same branding and look at each event.

Bring Your Dream Booth To Life: Buying your own stand means you can customise it to the detail. Without any restrictions or any limitations, the booth can be as unique as you want it to be. This is perfect when you have no budget restrictions.

Lower Cost In The Long Run: If you plan on participating in a number of exhibitions over a few years and don’t mind having the exact same look at each event, then over the long term, buying a stand will work out to be more cost effective if you use the same stand at least 6-8 times a year over a 2-3 year period.

Renting An Exhibition Stand:

A Different Look At Every Event: Renting a booth allows you to change the graphics, configurations and colour schemes at each trade show, you basically get to start with a blank canvas each time. This is fantastic for companies who may need to re-brand or if you want a fresh new look at each event. Local suppliers, in the cities where the trade show is taking place, can be leveraged to reduce the cost of interstate transport.

Budget And Hassle-Free: Have you noticed all the best expos happen around the same time of year? When you rent you can have a booth in Sydney one week and another the following week in Brisbane without lifting a finger and without having to pay much more on top of your rental agreement. When events clash, it’s quick and easy to rent another stand and duplicate the look if required at a much cheaper price.

Flexibility To Experiment: When you buy a stand, you get stuck with the same size and limitations of that stand for each event. If you rent, you can have a different size and configuration at each event, which lets you experiment with different shapes and sizes and learn which configuration showcases your company best or brings in the most traffic.

Less Responsibilities: Do you want to be free of logistical admin work and focus on strategy? Owning your booth means being responsible for maintenance, storage, insurance and disposal costs. When renting, all you need to do is pick the best design for each show.

Cost Efficiencies For Different Size Configurations: If you need to have a large booth at an exhibition, buying a large stand configuration will cost you an arm and a leg! Renting a large booth can be far more cost effective as you can utilise existing inventory that stand builders have in storage at a fraction of the cost.

The other common problem is that you may have an event requiring a large stand and then a number of events only needing a small stand. In this scenario, if you had purchased a large stand, it would sit in storage for a year attracting hefty storage fees and likely to be out of date when it comes to use the stand next time.

As you can see both options have their pluses and minuses. At the end it all comes down to what would be the best fit to meet your marketing and organisational goals.

However, there is another option available that is seamless and cost efficient for all types of organisations, and that is long term leasing of your stand requirements. Expo Centric has a blended option where customers own elements of stands that are used regularly and rent all the other elements. This results in lower upfront and storage costs, as well as the flexibility for our customers to change designs as often as they like. For example, many customers choose to own hanging signs, flooring and branding towers while renting the rest of the stands elements.

In addition to this when customers commit to Expo Centric on a 1-3 year contract, we heavily reduce the rental costs and don’t charge any extra for show clashes. Over the years we have found this to be the best solution for customers who have 3 or more stands a year. The benefit is a fresh, damage-free stand at every show, with an average saving of approximately 30% over an annual period when compared with owning a stand.

Making the call can be a tough decision. If you need some help, Expo Centric can offer you a free evaluation consultation, where we will learn about your company and help you decide what’s best for you, to buy or to rent.

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