Product Spotlight: Optimus

Sleek, expandable, moveable. Optimus is the future of not so temporary exhibition spaces.
The What

Meet Optimus, an expandable mobile showcase with high-end innovative technology at its forefront. All Optimus trailers are multi-functional, affordable, relocatable and easy to set up. Once expanded, they nearly double in size. They come in a smart, luxurious design with a high-end finish. Above all, our Optimus containers are fully customizable to meet your requirements. Perfect for use in a wide range of applications, from small corporate events to large exhibitions, roadshows, product launches, mobile clinics and many more.

Optimus designs are literally transforming the exhibition space each time their creation is located and relocated. Wondering how to get one of your own? Expo Centric can take care of it all.

The Why

Why Optimus? Because why wait for visitors to attend your stand, when you can bring the stand to them. Whilst traditionally there are a small number of mobile structures available, they often don’t convey that premium look that companies are striving for. Moreover they typically require a small army to set up, which is neither practical or cost efficient. 

Our range of Optimus expandable container units solve all of these problems. Not only does the Optimus design set your stand apart from the rest, the expandable vehicles can be set up in a few minutes by just a single person. The beauty of this product is that once positioned it easily expands to nearly double the width to create an impactful footprint. For further ease, Optimus has expandability and mobility at the forefront, and can be easily relocated by a normal truck. 

Not only is the Optimus flexible in its footprint, but also within its design. This structure has every industry in mind and delivers a turnkey solution to meet all requirements. From pop-up store and classroom to security office, broadcasting station or stand at a large exhibition. The Optimus containers can be used in a wide range of applications.

The Why Not!

Whilst we are clear with exactly why you should consider shifting to an Optimus design we have five clear features that make us say ‘why not!’

  1. Expandable: You can extend the volume to almost twice its size by sliding both longitudinal sides outwards. When extended, the floor area feels like you are in a permanent ‘building’.


  2. Easy Set Up: The Optimus units are user-friendly and can be deployed at the push of a button to ensure event staff numbers are kept to a minimum, reducing event costs.


  3. Maximum Space: An expanding showcase offers clients all the space they need without compromising on the contents of the roadshow.


  4. Portable: The Optimus range has been cleverly designed to be moved by standardised trucking equipment, simplifying logistics and reducing operating costs.


  5. Customisable: All our containers can be fully customised inside and out, to suit your exact requirements and our team of skilled craftsmen can design and build your internal and external concept. The possibilities are endless.
The How

If one word could be used to describe Optimus, it would be effortless. Effortless is the answer to our how, and is the proof of how Optimus works. Whilst there are seemingly endless configurations with design, there are two simple steps every Optimus follows: 

  1. Transport: Optimus units can be operated by just one person. The set-up time takes less than 20 minutes. Depending on the unit, it arrives mounted on a trailer chassis or directly to a truck. Once on site and in position, the hydraulic legs are deployed to take the weight of the showcase and the truck is unattached and driven away.

  2. Automatic setup: With the push of a single button on the handy wireless remote control, the unit is then lowered to the ground using the on-board hydraulic system. With the push of another button the unit is then expanded. The floor is then positioned with the push of a third button. The opening system is powered by an on-board battery pack.

Optimus can expand from 2.5m to 4.6m wide in under 20 minutes. 

Need a visual on how to set it up; see here: 

The Proof

Unsure if Optimus is quite right for your business, or can’t see how it would work for you? We have designed Optimus to cater for all types of clients and industries to help spark your imagination. 


Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare companies can use mobile containers to access both urban and rural communities to provide their services and equipment on site and thus bring medical services to the heart of peoples’ living and working environments.


Design a mobile themed exhibit, display or presentation to promote your new product, service, cause or organisation on site. An event container opens up numerous opportunities for your organisation; enabling you to set up at any location, time, or event.


Whether you want to inspire your team by hosting your training sessions in an unusual location or just want to keep the costs down by having the venue come to you, a mobile office trailer is the perfect solution. By bringing the meeting space onsite, instead of having all participants travelling to an off site location, you can not only save money, but also keep carbon emissions down. A mobile office container is the most flexible and environmentally friendly option.

Product Showroom:

Expand your brand, products, or company message by transforming your company into a remote sales force. Use your imagination and turn your marketing container into a mobile showroom, retail store, stage, product launch display, office, or something substantially better.


Planning on travelling around the country to give presentations to potential investors. To generate excitement and interest in a project or offering of your brand? Attract thousands of prospective buyers, educate audiences about your plans and connect to and develop meaningful networks by taking your company’s message and brand on the road with a roadshow unit.

It’s easy to see how adaptable and customisable the Optimus is for any industry. If you’re ready to make an ongoing impression that meets your audience instead of waiting for them to come to you, Optimus is the answer.

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