Creating an Innovative & Experiential Environment on an Exhibition Stand

When venturing on a marketing strategy of using an exhibit stand, we must comprehend objectives from the very outset. Begin by pondering; why the need to exhibit, and what treasures of purpose does a business gain from it?  In the grand scheme, businesses aim to generate revenue, which is vital for their sustainability and success […]

A Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy for Your Live Events and Trade Shows

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, reaching your target audience through various marketing channels is an important factor in the success of your live events and trade shows. An omni-channel marketing strategy is a powerful approach that can boost your event’s impact and increase attendance, engagement, and ROI.  In this chapter, we’ll explore the ins and […]

Snapshot: Hella at Repco 100 Year Anniversary 2022

Client: HELLA GmbH & Co. Event: Repco 100 Year Anniversary 2022 Location: MCEC Industry: Automotive Parts Supplies Features: Hanging double sided light box Printed PVC panels and CCV graphics Raised timber floor with ramped edging Aluvision modular frame system Lockable storage room with wall graphics 2 x display area with planter box divider and brochure […]