Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2023

About the Event

The Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2023 is an exciting dedicated coffee event that brings together industry players, the coffee community, and visitors from around the world. This annual event will take place from 17 – 19th August at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, marking the beginning of Melbourne Coffee Week.


As the largest dedicated coffee show in the Southern Hemisphere, Melbourne International Coffee Expo connects café owners, service suppliers, and equipment manufacturers. With over 200 exhibitors showcasing the latest in coffee equipment, new products, and emerging trends, attendees can find the best suppliers and test equipment from the industry’s top brands.

Seminars and Workshops

Melbourne International Coffee Expo facilitates real business opportunities by offering a series of seminars and workshops that provide attendees with a wealth of information about the coffee world.

Topics will cover sustainability, innovation in coffee roasting, sensory analysis, and how to start a coffee business. Experts from across the industry, including coffee roasters, equipment manufacturers, and green bean suppliers, will share their knowledge and expertise.


MICE is home to some of the most exciting coffee competitions, such as the Australian Coffee Championships and the World Barista Championship. The richest barista competition in the Asia Pacific, the competition has a prize pool of over $50,000, attracting baristas from around the world to compete for the title of the best barista.

The Australian Coffee Championships are a showcase of the country’s best baristas, latte artists, and cup tasters. Competitors will have the chance to compete in three categories: Barista Championship, Latte Art Championship, and Cup Tasters Championship.

The World Barista Championship is the most prestigious coffee competition in the world. It attracts baristas from over 60 countries who compete in a series of heats to determine the world’s best barista. The winner of the competition receives a cash prize and global recognition as the best barista in the world.

Networking Opportunities

MICE is a great opportunity for café owners, baristas, and other industry players to connect with one another. With ample networking opportunities available, attendees can exchange ideas, build relationships, and discover new coffees and products.

MICE offers a range of networking opportunities, from dedicated networking events to informal coffee breaks. Attendees can connect with industry players and exchange ideas on everything from new brewing techniques to the latest trends in coffee retail.

New Coffees and Products

MICE is the anchor point for the coffee world in Australia, where existing Australian customers and new customers alike can find the latest and greatest products from around the globe. With a wide range of exhibitors and displays, attendees can stay tuned for new products and releases.

The exhibition hall at Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2023 will feature over 200 exhibitors from around the world, showcasing the latest products and innovations in the coffee industry. Attendees can expect to see new brewing equipment, coffee beans, and coffee accessories.

MICE also offers attendees the opportunity to sample new coffees and products. With dedicated cupping sessions and product demonstrations, attendees can taste the latest offerings from coffee roasters and equipment manufacturers.

Melbourne Coffee Week

Melbourne International Coffee Expo is the anchor event of Melbourne Coffee Week, which is a celebration of Melbourne’s coffee culture. Throughout the week, visitors can attend events such as coffee tastings, workshops, and latte art competitions.

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