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Moments that raise awareness, create emotional connections, and boost brand loyalty combine human interaction with technology. Our staff are passionate about developing immersive experiences and elevating brands with the use of audio visual, lighting and technology.

Latest technology

We bring events to life

The inclusion of audio visual and technology to an event has a positive impact on your brand and the overall perception of your guests. Technology inclusions grab the attention of your audience and immerse them in your brand.

Technology that excites

We stock the latest technology trends and audio equipment to help you connect and engage with your customers.

LED screens

Movement, light and colour brings displays to life. Expo Centric’s state of the art exhibition LED Screen technology allows our client to transform any wall, ceiling or hanging structure into a seamless screen. We can create integrated led screens from half a meter in size to hundreds of meters. The screens are fully integrated with audio, has the ability to switch video input sources and can simultaneously display different content on different tiles.


Ultra high resolution

Razor-sharp, vivid images, ensured by the pixel pitch of 2.8 mm.


Intergrate to any structure

The led screen can transform any wall, ceiling or hanging structure into a seamless screen.


Unique curved screens

We can create concave walls which range from 5°, 7.5° and 10°.

Touch screens

Touch screens is another engaging form of interactive technology. Similar to the touch table but mounted onto a wall of the exhibition stand, the touch screen could be used as a form of engagement on an exhibition stand. A touch screen can be placed in a strategic area on the exhibition stand, where it could draw in a crowd. The touch screen can hold interactive games or learning puzzles about products or services.

This interactive technology such as exhibition Touch Screen’s is a great way to get visitors involved with the brand and the products on the stand.

Virtual technology

Embrace interactive technology and immersive experiences into your marketing strategy. The possibilities of virtual are endless, use as a superior training tool, transport people from their home to your showroom or manufacturing facility with a click of a button. Virtual content can be continually re-used and refreshed allowing full leverage of virtual solutions at your next event, exhibition, on your website and marketing arsenal.

Photo booth

Interactive activities are a key way to draw optimal customers towards an exhibition stand, they get attendees engaging with your brand before you begin serious work related conversations. The inclusion of a Photo Booth or Green Screen add fun and a chance to engage with a brand.  

A Green Screen allows guests to put on industry related outfits (think costumes, hard hats and fluro safety overalls) and be ‘transported’ into any environment. The fun images can all branded and shared socially.

Entice your visitor to be part of your exhibition, to take a photo of their self and share with you their ideas and contact information.


Holocube is a fully integrated 3D projection platform that makes your product look like never before. It combines the most advanced modern projection techniques in a contemporary sleek housing. This enables product focused as well as contextual 3D projections.

Patented 3D holographic display technology that will leave your customers in awe. Take your sales presentation to the next level!

Holocube is available in a variety of sizes and is guaranteed to meet your needs. Units range from 15 inches to 70 inches in size.

Audio & lighting

Professional audio and lighting can elevate your next event, exhibition or function to the next level. From event theming to performance and stage lighting we have the experience and latest technology to put a spotlight on your offering.

With the inclusion of full scope audio and lighting you can cut through the noise and ensure your customer experience is paramount.


Tailored around the diverse needs of you

We specifically design visual, lighting and technology inclusions to suit your requirements and bring your latest products to life.



From creative concepts to computer-generated environments, our designers craft entirely digital innovative spaces.



Providing the ultimate in flexibility, combining remote digital elements with live, in-person enironments that encapsulate modern needs.



Live experiences can be enhanced by a multitude of virtual reality experiences, creating higher levels of immersion and connection. 

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