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Digital marketing allows you to leverage your marketing strategy and evolve it into highly emotive and immersive experiences that encourage human connection.

Digital technology provide a new level to create and connect with your customers.

Content creation

The right content strategy delivers real results. Creating highly engaging content that appeals to buyers requires skill and brand understanding to achieve maximum impact.

Bridging both the physical and digital worlds, we transform raw ideas, materials, and spaces into purposeful moments.

Animated content is a powerful tool to visually compel and entertain your customers.

We can help develop a successful video animation strategy for your brand that will capture user focus and engage your audience.

Engage, persuade, and convert customers with video content marketing. Video is a powerful storytelling medium that develops long term trust with a brand.

We can create versatile video content that  supports your larger content strategy.

Gamification is an educational approach to motivate humans to learn by using video game design and game elements in learning environments.

Educate and motivate customers with innovative and engaging activities that leverage people's natural desires for socialising, learning, mastery, competition, and achievement.

Graphics are more than beautiful designs; use graphics to enhance your brand messaging and convert customers.

Our experienced designers consistently develop strong graphics including animated and interactive web graphics to help brand convey their messaging.

Tell the story of your brand without even having to speak.

Graphic design

As a dedicated experience marketing agency, we create immersive engagements and environments for brands that value the power of experience.

Our in-house graphic design team transform your ideas into visually appealing solutions and provides the ultimate flexibility in your live experience designs.

Your brand is the face potential customers see; all of your signage must have a consistent brand identity.

Our team of designers help develop a signage strategy that not only considers form and function, but also maximises materials and offers consistent brand identity. 

Design is an essential component of good business strategy. Smart brand design delivers value by elevating and clearly communicating brands values.

Our designers pride themselves on becoming brand trained for all of our clients. They apply your visual brand and personality, and characterise this into deigns that reflect your strategy.

Collateral is more than brochures, it is everything that supports a brand. Let your collateral speak for your brand.

We ensure your collateral design contributes to maintaining your brands integrity; designed congruently with your brand’s core values and personality. 

Audio visual & technology

Moments that raise awareness, create emotional connections, and boost brand loyalty combine human interaction with technology.

Our staff are passionate about developing immersive experiences with the use of audio visual and technology.

Movement, light and colour brings displays to life. Expo Centric’s state of the art exhibition LED Screen technology allows our clients to transform any wall, ceiling or hanging structure into a seamless screen.

We can create integrated led screens from half a meter in size to hundreds of meters. The screens are fully integrated with audio, has the ability to switch video input sources and can simultaneously display different content on different tiles.

The possibilities of virtual are endless, use as a superior training tool, transport people from their home to your showroom or manufacturing facility with a click of a button. Virtual content can be continually re-used and refreshed allowing full leverage of virtual solutions at your next event, exhibition, on your website and marketing arsenal.

Touch screens is another engaging form of interactive technology. Similar to the touch table but mounted onto a wall of the exhibition stand, the touch screen could be used as a form of engagement on an exhibition stand.

A touch screen can be placed in a strategic area on the exhibition stand, where it could draw in a crowd. The touch screen can hold interactive games or learning puzzles about products or services.

This interactive technology such as exhibition Touch Screen’s is a great way to get visitors involved with the brand and the products on the stand.

The Photo Booth is an interactive display which is reminiscent to classic ATM’s in form. It’s designed to operate in public places, as well as exhibitions and events.

The interface can be custom programmed with the availability to integrate video, photographs or graphics.

Various applications are possible: games, configurator, data collector or input for a larger network.

Importantly, you entice the visitor to be part of your exhibition, to take a photo of their self and share with you their ideas and contact information.

HOLOCUBE is a fully integrated 3D projection platform that makes your product look like never before. It combines the most advanced modern projection techniques in a contemporary sleek housing. This enables product focused as well as contextual 3D projections.

Patented 3D holographic display technology that will leave your customers in awe. Take your sales presentation to the next level!

Holocube is available in a variety of sizes and is guaranteed to meet your needs. Units range from 15 inches to 70 inches in size.

Moments that raise awareness, create emotional connections, and boost brand loyalty combine human interaction with technology. Our staff are passionate about developing immersive experiences and elevating brands with the use of audio visual, lighting and technology.

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