SXSW Australia 2023

What is the SXSW Sydney Conference

On October 15 – 22, The SXSW Sydney 2023 expo (South by Southwest) flagship event within the Asia Pacific region, will once again bring together inspired thinkers, creators, and innovators from around the world. This exceptional celebration, known for its diverse array of conferences, festivals, expos, and lively parties, is a focal point for change-makers. Anchored in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, it acts as a vibrant and interconnected hub where industry professionals, keynote speakers, and the world’s leading thinkers gather to ignite creative discovery.

Connect and Create with Trail Blazers

With music performances, future-focused ideas, and networking sessions, SXSW Sydney showcases the rich tapestry of creative people and diverse topics that define innovation where music, gaming, technology, culture, and screen industries converge. It’s a platform where unexpected discoveries unfold, offering unparalleled networking opportunities and hosting unique events that make it the largest and most dynamic gathering of its kind at Darling Harbour. Future ideas that will benefit societies will most definitely arise from this expo.

The SXSW Conference Hub

SXSW Sydney 2023 spans an expansive, walkable footprint across Sydney’s CBD and the surrounding vibrant neighbourhoods, including Haymarket, Darling Harbour, Ultimo, Chippendale, and beyond. This dynamic event transforms the city’s renowned museums, cinemas, parks, bars, and restaurants into a vibrant and interconnected hub where future-focused ideas, unique events, and networking opportunities converge at every street corner. Here, inspired thinkers, creators, and innovators from around the world gather to ignite creative discovery and explore a rich mosaic of topics. SXSW Sydney, the largest event of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, is a week-long celebration where experts, performers, and change-makers unite to collaborate, and uncover unexpected discoveries. With speakers and a diverse range of conferences, workshops, and panels, it’s an opportunity to access, and engage with the world’s movers and shakers. Don’t miss this chance to be part of an extraordinary experience that celebrates innovation and creativity in October. Your journey to explore, learn, and connect starts here, amidst the thriving energy of Sydney’s cultural scene.


The SXSW Sydney registration varies in badge type, and serves as the gateway to a multitude of groundbreaking events and immersive experiences. This coveted credential not only grants access to the conference, expo, festivals, tech and innovation presentations, and networking symposiums but also connects with a diverse community of thinkers, creators, and innovators from across the globe. As one explores the walkable footprint of Sydney’s vibrant city and surrounding neighbourhoods, a dynamic collision of creativity and culture can be found. SXSW Sydney is where innovation and fun intersect, where attendees can participate in conferences, workshops, and panels that explore future-focused ideas, all while uncovering new possibilities.


The week long event comprises daily conferences, screen festivals, tech and innovation expos, games festivals & showcases, games investment meet, music festivals, and more. There are also networking events & parties for industries connected with screen, games, music, tech & innovation, as well as other related disciplines. Each of the expo events take place daily.

Benefits of Attending SXSW Sydney Conference

“Imagine a conference with the vibe of Glastonbury,” says South by Southwest (SXSW) Sydney managing director Colin Daniels. “It’s the world’s fair of the creative industries.” Daniels, a seasoned participant who has attended the Austin Tx born innovation conference for a remarkable 19 times, finds himself captivated by the limitless potential of the Sydney edition. This fervour, even infectious among newcomers, speaks volumes about the transformative power of this Sydney event. 

The seven day SXSW Sydney 2023 expo hosts over 1000 events and it is set to be a powerhouse of innovation. This dynamic event promises to captivate an audience of approximately 100,000 participants. According to Daniels, the true essence of SXSW Sydney lies not in the sheer variety of subject matter, but rather in the artful fusion of ideas. He emphasises, “What distinguishes South by Southwest is the power of convergence. While there are numerous industry-specific events, it’s the synergy generated when these diverse sectors come together that truly conjures the magic.”   

Date & Time 9.00am – 6.00pm | 15th – 22nd Oct. 2023
Sydney Central Business District (Haymarket, Darling Harbour, Ultimo, Chippendale & more)
SXSW Australia 2023

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