Retail Fest Australia 2024

Retail Fest Australia 2024 is set to take place from 15 to 18 April 2024 at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre. This tradeshow is a must-attend event for businesses looking to grow, sell, and create success in the retail world. This trade show is a platform for businesses to showcase their talent, share their ideas, and learn from the best in the industry. 

Key Features of the Expo   

Maximise impact in a vibrant hall filled with the buzz of innovation, the energy of groundbreaking ideas, the promise of endless opportunities, and your products/ services sparking curiosity and piqued interests among thousands of attendees.  

  • 84% of Retail Fest attendees said they would be doing business with an exhibitor they met in the event.  
  • From a count of 1076 registrants in the 2023 event, 1045 of them are decision-makers in their organisation (CEOs, Founders, Directors, Managers).  
  • In 2021, the event attracted over 1,500 attendees, and in 2022 the number of attendees increased to over 1,650. 

Who should Exhibit  

This event is a golden opportunity for solution providers to connect with Australia’s online retail community. This week-long celebration is where the retail community comes together to share knowledge and explore the latest trends. 

  • Emerging E-commerce Brands 
  • Retail Enterprises 
  • Emerging E-commerce and Marketplace Startups  
  • Brick-and-Mortar Retailers 
  • Online Retailers 
  • Ecommerce Solution Providers 
  • Marketplace Sellers 
  • Digital Marketing Agencies 
  • Supply Chain Companies 

Benefits of Exhibiting at this Show  

The event, also known as Retail Global, features a variety of e-commerce workshops and marketplace meetups that provide a platform for learning and networking. The fest on the Gold Coast also includes an awards evening, sponsored parties, and a charity gala, adding a touch of glamour and fun to the proceedings. 

To Stay Ahead of the Curve 

Gain valuable information and insights about the latest trends and innovations in the retail industry. Equip yourself with knowledge that can give you a competitive edge. Businesses can showcase their products, network with industry experts, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations.  

Showcase Your Brilliance 

Let your brand shine in front of a diverse audience. Gain recognition, attract new followers, and let the world see what you have to offer. This is your chance to make a noteworthy impression.  

Forge Powerful Connections 

Rub shoulders with industry experts, potential clients, and fellow exhibitors. Open doors to new collaborations and partnerships that could propel your business to new heights.  

Seize Sales Opportunities 

Thousands of attendees will be roaming the hall daily, eager to discover products and services that can add value to their lives. This is your chance to turn prospects into customers.  

Invest in Your Success 

Yes, there’s a cost associated with exhibiting, but think of it as an investment. An investment in your brand, in networking opportunities, and in the future success of your business. The equipment and resources you bring to the event can be a game-changer.  

Experience the Beauty of Travel 

Lastly, who can resist travel? The event is set in the beautiful city of Gold Coast, Australia. So why not mix business with pleasure? 

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Save the Date, 15 to 18 April, 2024 

Retail Fest Australia 2024 is an event not to be missed. With a wealth of learning and networking opportunities, it’s the perfect place for businesses to grow, learn, and succeed. So mark your calendars for 15 to 18 April, 2024, and get ready to experience the power of trade shows at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.  

Explore a customised exhibit stand designed to highlight your message, products, and offerings for this massive event. Our full-service events and marketing team is ready to address your specific needs for a successful campaign.   

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