PAX AUS 2023

Where PAX Began

In 2004, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, authors of the Penny Arcade webcomic, wanted another show exclusively for gamers and game culture. They took a page from their webcomic event concept and thus, PAX was born (penny arcade expo).

PAX Comes to Australia

PAX Australia’s inaugural event took place from July 19 to 21, 2013 at the Melbourne Showgrounds. The convention then relocated to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, a venue that has been confirmed as its home until at least 2023.

Networking Opportunities

The Indo Pacific Maritime Expo provides excellent networking opportunities for participants. Connect with industry leaders, government representatives, and fellow professionals to expand your professional network, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. With a diverse range of attendees, this event offers a platform for fostering partnerships and forging new business relationships.

PAX’s Australian Market

Tens of thousands of gamers flock to the annual pilgrimage of PAX Australia in Melbourne to play games, attend talks by industry leaders, participate in tournaments, meet old friends, and take part in an experience unlike any other. PAX Aus has been running strong for almost a decade. In 2022 alone, 80000 people attended the said convention.

PAX Australia Details

It exclusively celebrates gaming, game culture, game development, cosplay, and all related industries. The event is run by Reed Exhibitions (RX). It’s also part of the Melbourne International Games Week, Asia Pacific’s largest digital games celebration.

PAX Registration

Year on year PAX gets a massive expo hall filled. This is achieved through a large offering of day and event registration passes including individual days, e.g., Saturday badges.

The Venue

The venue provides a warm and eloquent experience with plenty of seating, beanbags and quiet corners to enjoy the huge variety of games on offer.

Beyond its primary gaming focus, attendees can embark on journeys of exploration, seeking hidden treasures and engaging in marathon sessions of video games that often extend well into the evening. 

The convention’s unique charm manifests in various memorable moments, from heartwarming wedding proposals to impromptu sea shanties. It has even become a battleground for a late-night hub of devouring countless kebabs. It’s that special time of year when the Australian gaming community convenes to enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Multiple Games to Enjoy

PAX Australia welcomes its patrons with engaging games, a console freeplay area, a PC freeplay section, unique board & card games (Tabletop Freeplay), competitions featuring games of all platforms and genres (Omegathon), discussions by developers, publishers, retailers, industry leaders (the Expo Hall), and a whole lot more.

Featured Segment: PAX Rising

It stands as a dedicated platform which is meticulously designed to promote the best of the indie development scene locally and internationally. This initiative spotlights a carefully curated selection of captivating independent games, featuring the highly deserving winners of the prestigious PAX Aus Indie Showcase.

What Sparked the Creation of PAX Rising at The Convention?

At its core, it serves as a showcase for compelling games crafted by smaller and passionate teams. PAX organisers firmly believe that independent game developers possess the potential to transcend their humble origins in various ways, such as robust business growth, the establishment of a devoted fan base, or groundbreaking contributions to the industry.

Watch live streamed competition at the PAX Arena

PAX Arena serves as the exclusive venue for esports activities, operated in collaboration with ESL, the globe’s leading esports tournament coordinator. Over the course of three days, PAX Arena features intense competitive gaming right from the expo floor, where elite teams contend in some of Australia’s most prominent esports titles, all within the presence of an enthusiastic arena audience.

Integrating Cosplay in the PAX Aus convention

Cosplay is an integral facet of any significant pop-culture gathering, and PAX Aus is certainly no exception. PAX Aus pays homage to ReedPOP’s prestigious global Cosplay Central Crown Championships by hosting its Australian leg. 

The event provides a community-focused haven within the Cosplay Central lounge, complemented by an array of engaging panels and workshops scheduled throughout the weekend. Moreover, PAX Aus has meticulously curated a dedicated calendar of fan meetups, complete with picturesque photo backdrops.

The symbiotic relationship between cosplay and gaming

It makes perfect sense to integrate cosplay with the video game culture because both share ties in terms of fan base, shared interests and creative elements. This multifaceted celebration of cosplay underscores the convention’s commitment to fostering creative and community-driven experiences.

Observable opportunities with PAX events

Pax Australia is the perfect hub to showcase games by developers from major game publishers, the indie development scene, online game platforms, book games (interactive fiction or text-based games), VR & AR games, hardware accessories, tabletop games, and more. 

The convention provides exceptional access to the largest and most devoted gamer audience nationwide. It has consistently solidified its standing as the premier event for game launches, beta demonstrations, direct engagement with gamers, and the introduction of cutting-edge technology. 

The convention also offers the opportunity to immerse in a tightly-knit and enthusiastic community for publishing powerhouses, independent development studios, or brands seeking to make an impact.

Location expansion, PAX hints of going global

Since its inception, PAX has doubled in size each year and is now holding conventions in other cities which includes Boston, San Antonio, Philadelphia, and internationally in Melbourne, Australia. The game industry keeps on growing and its massive cult following hints the possibility of PAX coming to more cities around the world in the next few years.

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