Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition 2024

In the heart of Australia, a significant event is set to take place that will shape the future of the energy industry. The Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition, formerly known as the APPEA Conference & Exhibition, is a beacon for energy companies across the country and beyond. 

The Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition is set to take place from 20th – 23rd May 2024 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre in Western Australia. The theme for the conference is “Delivering the new energy economy”. This sets an ambitious standard for discussions, knowledge sharing, and partnerships as the industry seeks to lead the energy transition. 

The Importance of Energy in Australia 

Energy plays an important role in Australia. From powering homes and businesses to fuelling the country’s industries, energy is an essential part of everyday life. The Australian government recognises this and is committed to ensuring energy security for its citizens. This means providing reliable and affordable energy to meet the country’s energy usage needs. 

Australia’s energy industry is diverse, with a mix of traditional and renewable energy sources. Coal and natural gas supply a significant portion of the country’s energy needs, but renewable energy is on the rise. The Australian Capital Territory, for example, is leading the way in renewable energy, with ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions. 


The Role of the Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition 

The Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition plays an important role in the energy industry. It provides a platform for energy companies, energy retailers, and energy providers to come together to discuss the latest developments in the industry. 

The conference is a hub for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. It features a technical and business program that highlights key industry developments at a national and international level. The program includes plenary presentations, panel discussions, and technical and business presentations. 

The Future of Energy in Australia 

The future of energy in Australia looks bright. The country is blessed with abundant natural resources, and new gas supply projects are underway. At the same time, the country is making strides in renewable energy. Solar and wind energy are becoming increasingly affordable, and energy prices are expected to fall as more renewable energy comes online. 

Why Exhibit?

The Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition is a peak body event in the energy industry, providing a platform for energy providers to showcase their services and products. It’s an opportunity to connect with industry leaders, government representatives, and potential customers. 

Exhibiting at the conference offers numerous benefits: 

  • Showcase Your Services: Whether you’re an energy provider offering great rates or a company providing solutions for reducing carbon emissions, this is your chance to showcase what you do. 
  • Meet Potential Customers: The conference attracts a diverse audience, from industry professionals to government representatives. This is your opportunity to meet potential customers and expand your business. 
  • Stay Up-to-Date: The conference program is packed with presentations and discussions on the latest developments in the energy industry. By attending, you’ll stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. 
  • Network: The conference provides numerous opportunities for networking. You’ll get to connect with other businesses, industry leaders, and decision-makers. 

Energising the Future 

The Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition is more than just a conference. It’s a catalyst for change in the energy industry. It’s an opportunity for energy companies to showcase their services, for customers to compare plans and save money, and for the industry to work together to deliver a sustainable energy future for Australia, from the gas industry, essential energy, reliable energy, and many more. 

Whether you’re an energy retailer looking to lock in contracts, a customer wanting to pay bills or save money, or a business seeking the best options for energy supply, the Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition is the place to be. So mark the date in your calendar and get ready to be part of Australia’s energy future. 

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