Product Spotlight: Lumi Lightbox

Lights on with the Lumi Lightbox!  The Lumi Lightbox is the go to for your next event if you are looking to make an impact and need convenience combined with high quality. Our unique Lumi SEG Lightbox packages takes the risk out of purchasing event structures and offers an affordable, durable, temporary DIY marketing solution […]

How We Survived Covid-19 – Part 2

PIVOT and pivot again. If the first gruelling year of COVID-19 wasn’t enough, the second year proved great tenacity among industry leaders.  As previously mentioned in part 1, Expo Centric swiftly shifted their focus to the immediate needs of the field – protection against COVID-19. In turn this resulted in significant opportunities from clients like […]

How We Survived Covid-19 – Part 1

Albeit 21 years premature, Ross Geller knew COVID’s buzzword ‘PIVOT!’ and exclaimed it with the urgency that the event industry would soon understand –  and PIVOT Expo Centric did, in a multitude of directions to keep themselves afloat in 2020 and 2021.  The initial stages welcomed an ecommerce shift which later resulted in two of […]