Case Study: Xylem at OzWater 2023


Xylem delivers innovative solutions that solve water challenges for commercial, industrial, residential, and utility markets worldwide. Their goal is to ensure that water is accessible, affordable, and safe—so their solutions to water woes include products and services that reduce operating expenses, use less energy, and support efforts for sustainability. 


Ozwater is Australia’s premier water event led by the Australian Water Association. It’s a three-day conference and exhibition showcasing a respectable line-up of international and national keynote speakers, case studies, scientific and technical papers, workshops, panel sessions, and poster presentations. 

Water companies from all parts of Australia come to this event to showcase their products, services, and relevant data findings for the water industry. 


For their third year working with Expo Centric, Xylem wanted to build from the wins on their previous stands but with some fresh and ambitious elements added for a change. As a business for water solution, they wanted to imitate the flow of water across their stand. 

Beyond this, they also wanted to increase the number of screens and the displays of their water technology within the space. All in all, Xylem aimed for optimum visual impact for their stand. 


Xylem wanted to substitute the previous year’s rigged lights and single-layered banner for a wavy, bigger, and four-layered banner to emit the illusion of water throughout their stand. 

Rigging the overhead banner required a strong operational process, in addition to placing the several water technology products throughout the space. Seeing how those elements established Xylem’s impactful vertical and on-ground presence at the exhibition hall allowed their presence to be impactful for attendees.

Several screens were mounted in the panels as per Xylem’s request. Throughout the 2023 event, Xylem increased the number of screens on the stand adding further visual impact. This supported  customers’ experience across the stand and educated them about Xylem’s wide range of products and services.

Taking center stage were the two pump displays that showcased the water technology process and elevated their brand-aligned visual presence. It helped customers to see the technologies at scale. It also helped attendees visualise how the water solutions work and how they can be specifically applied to their water requirements in their respective businesses. 


Xylem has consistently provided water solutions to several different industries, and their presence at OzWater 2023 allowed their exhibition stand to reflect their commitment to providing water solutions. Much like how water waves and flows, their rigged banner captured the essence of water’s graceful movement. The big, four layers of rigged banner significantly aligned with their brand identity, and was definitely a captivating and curious sight to see. These waves were also visually present on the flooring with blue curls contrasting against the white floor, mirroring the waves in the rigged banner which created a visual harmony from the bottom of the stand to the top. 

Their strategic display of their pump to demonstrate how their water technology works was highly effective in engaging the attendees. It also was a practical visual aide in their product demonstrations, demystifying the process of their water solutions to their potential customers.


Xylem has been a consistent customer with Expo Centric for a number of years, likely because they see the value that every stand brings to their brand. This ongoing collaboration is a testament to an effective working relationship. 

Their ambitious banner, and their taller and bigger displays drew in more people to their stand, increasing their foot traffic and generating more leads. Aside from their strong visual impact at the exhibition, they were able to effectively offer their comprehensive portfolio of services to more attendees and their growing industries.

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