Case Study: PACCAR at Brisbane Truck Show 2021

PACCAR experienced a record breaking 750 vehicle orders dominating the truck industry after teaming up with Expo Centric.

PACCAR Australia has a proud 50-year history in the truck industry. Under their two main brands; Kenworth Trucks and DAF Trucks, they continue to manufacture and sell trucks, as well as offer related services and parts which are supported and complemented by companies PACCAR Parts, PACCAR Financial and PacLease. 


PACCAR has always focused on the separation of their two brands (Kenworth and DAF), which creates a conflicting experience with their brand messaging. PACCAR’s aim was to generate an experience like no other at the Brisbane Truck Show, with a multi-brand presence sharing their full portfolio of products and services. Each brand was to be given their own space, all the while maintaining unity under the PACCAR Australia banner. 

Their master plan for the Brisbane Truck Show was to demonstrate a full suite of vehicle options from Kenworth and DAF as part of their commitment to the heavy vehicle industry, and also launch their Legend SAR Anniversary Truck which would commence their sales campaign.


Ready to make an impact PACCAR worked in harmony with Expo Centric to create an activation that not only unified their brands, but celebrated their milestone 50 year anniversary. 

“Working with Expo Centric has been outstanding, it’s like they’re part of your business. They understand our business, what we’re trying to achieve at the show and what we’re trying to capture from customers when they come and see the stand. Expo Centric are focused on outcomes from the show, rather than just building the stand and that’s the little detail that makes them wonderful to work with.” –  Ryan Hooper, Marketing Manager

The trucks themselves were Expo Centrics canvas with the opportunity to paint and wrap each of the bodies the same colour, but with a unique Australian landscape as their differentiation. The airbrushed Australian landscape made for an exclusive purchase at the Brisbane Truck Show.


The 50th Anniversary Edition Legend SAR was a milestone and cause for celebration for PACCA. Expo Centric managed the full marketing campaign for this event, including a launch campaign with trade publications to publicity across all key channels, as well as direct communications with their customers and social media activations. 

“We’re celebrating a really big milestone of 50 years of Kenworth manufacturing in this country and that’s the theme of our stand that the team really helped us bring forward the pride that we feel in reaching that milestone.” –  Ryan Hooper, Marketing Manager

Paccar orchestrated a series of events in the lead up to the Brisbane Truck Show at their facility to celebrate the 70,000th model, hosting key public figures such as Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar, Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz, and Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister Kevin Hogan, who toured the facility and celebrated alongside the PACCAR team and customers.


A bold, unified PACCAR-front greeted the Brisbane Truck Show attendees demonstrating their commitment to the heavy vehicle industry in Australia. Across the 1,692sqm stand, attendees were captured by PACCARs complete range of vehicles from both brands as they entered. 

Interactive touchscreen content presented a unique strategy to encourage engagement within the PACCAR stand, allowing visitors to get to know the vehicles. The touchscreens also demonstrated the availability and compatibility of high quality PACCAR parts. Branded merchandise was also available for the top PACCAR fans, to further promote their brands’ presence. 

From the success of the pre-event launch campaign, attendees were already aware of the Legend SAR Anniversary truck, which in turn drew crowds. As the sales element of the campaign commenced at the event, the PACCAR sales teams were strategically positioned amongst the vehicles to guide attendees, drive sales, generate leads to follow up with, and gather interest for their one-day sale event following. 

“One of the main protagonists of the TIC venture was Melbourne-based Paccar Australia but to its inestimable credit, the company went to Brisbane ’21 with arguably the best presentation of show trucks ever seen at a truck show, anywhere in the world.” – BRISBANE BEATS THE ODDS – BEST TRUCKS OF BTS21, Steve Brooks


Whilst the noise of the Brisbane Truck Show’s engine tempered, the final campaign stage commenced. The conversations and engagement was to be continued with both new and existing customers. The communication was maintained through an email and social media campaign. A range of digital advertisements were deployed on the Legend SAR truck launch, along with a publicity campaign to continue the excitement. Following this, an exclusive one-day sale event for the Kenworth Legend SAR took the industry by storm. 

“Expo Centric and PACCAR have a long lasting relationship, delivering exhibition experiences for us. At the Brisbane Truck show we showcased all of our brands together as one stand, which is new for us and the Expo Centric team have executed beautifully.” –  Ryan Hooper, Marketing Manager

  • The Kenworth vehicle brand had 750 orders for Legend SAR from the launch campaign
  • Total revenue of $280 million in sales 
  • Sales volumes were up 40% in the month following the show
  • Thousands of attendees were drawn to the exhibition stand from pre-event promotion 
  • Industry media and publicity frenzy from the Legend SAR Anniversary truck launch

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