Case Study: Marsh at Construction Event 2023

Marsh Australia provides insight into the construction industry, glimpsing into the risks and potential solutions for 2023 and beyond.  


Marsh is a 150+ year old world leading insurance broker and risk advisor. They provide industry-focused brokerage, consulting, and claims advocacy services by harnessing data, technology, and analytics to help reduce clients’ total cost of risk. Their expertise is provided amongst a large number of industries with offices in over 130 countries. The focus of this Marsh Australia event featured their construction industry whilst being the host of the Marsh Construction Event 2023.


Marsh’s construction summit, held in the Pearl Ballroom of the Crown Hotel in Sydney, is an event that explored key issues likely to shape the construction industry’s approach to resilience and positive growth for the next 12 months and further ahead. The event also tackled suggested action plans as the industry moves into a fresh year, along with a drive to innovate solutions, mitigate risk and leverage its strengths.

The event was produced and organised by Marsh. They partnered with Expo Centric to create branding collateral which were displayed throughout the event space, and for the creation of a unique 3D icon logo. 


Throughout their initial brief with Expo Centric, Marsh expressed the tight bump-in timeline of just two hours before the event commenced. They therefore required a structure that could be quickly constructed. To solve this time constraint, Expo Centric brought in its sister company Exhibit Central, to join the project and provide modular exhibition stands which are quick to set up. 

Within their brief Marsh also requested a 3D logo structure to help support their brand awareness throughout the event. The 3D logo was to align with their existing logos digital file, from shape, dimensions, to its colourway.


To align with their brief, in particular ensuring a quick and simple solution to set up, the client purchased the Lumi Lightbox System (provided by Exhibit Central), which was swiftly set up. The portable display system was a shell scheme packaged stand. It is a pre-constructed exhibition stand that typically consists of modular panels made from materials such as aluminium or PVC that formed the walls of the booth. The panels were innovatively modular and were easy to assemble.  

Attached to the portable display system were the client’s branding messages, which were printed on SEG fabric (Silicone Edge Graphics fabric). When the printed fabric was stretched and attached to the frame, it created a taut, wrinkle-free appearance. 

Expo Centric also built a 3D logo icon for the client. It was shaped according to dimensions specified on digital renders, painted with the client’s brand colourways, and partnered with uplights to highlight the logo. 


Whilst Marsh’s event was unlike a typical exhibition stand, there were a number of factors that worked to challenge the Expo Centric team. The allotted bump-in time given by Crown Hotel was only 2 hours before ballroom doors opened. Even if the modular stands were quick to put up, the Expo Centric crew had to be precise with their use of time as they made sure set up was done long before guests arrived. The stand set up also took over the foyer of the rented ballroom, so adjustments on placements had to be made. 

Crafting the 3D logo was an exciting challenge for the Expo Centric team. It was an opportunity to showcase Expo Centric’s ability to create something completely new and detailed.


The illumination of the lightboxes each had LEDs with a lifespan of 10000+ Hours. This made the printed branding pop-out with clarity. 

Supplied by Expo Centric’s sister company were the Lumi SEG lightbox exhibition stands which were easy to assemble, lightweight and reusable. These are tool-less plug-and-play components designed to be simple, interchangeable, and easily transported with its included travel bag.

Expo Centric also built a 3D Logo icon for Marsh, precisely painted with their branding colourways and uplights to highlight the logo. Dimensions based on digital renders of the icon are emulated down to the last detail. 


Marsh was ecstatic with the outcome of their event, exclaiming how high-yielding Expo Centric’s stands were for their activity. Their satisfaction led to an ongoing partnership with Expo Centric. Since the stands are reusable, these assets are continued to be stored by Expo Centric, ready to be used for Marsh’s future events.

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