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How We Survived Covid-19 – Part 2

PIVOT and pivot again. If the first gruelling year of COVID-19 wasn’t enough, the second year proved great tenacity among industry leaders.  As previously mentioned

How We Survived Covid-19 – Part 1

Albeit 21 years premature, Ross Geller knew COVID’s buzzword ‘PIVOT!’ and exclaimed it with the urgency that the event industry would soon understand –  and

Case Study: RSPCA Mobile Adoption Clinic

Expo Centric get RSPCA on the road with Australia’s first Mobile Adoption Clinic. The Background  Amidst COVID-19 some companies found their industry quiet and took

Case Study: Pega

Pegasystems stamp their name in the market delivering an ROI of 139% The secret? A 6 x 6 bespoke exhibition stand with outstanding visuals and

Pop-Ups are Staying Up

Despite their short-term purpose, they’re staying for the long haul.  As boutique-esque or simplistic as they initially seemed, pop-ups are now staying up for the

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